Hey! I’m Sarah, and it’s so nice to ‘meet’ you. Together my husband and I run our 50-acre homestead on Half Moon Ridge.

About Sarah

We married in 2016 and I had no idea how to manage a home.

Oh yeah, and I lived on 2 acres my whole un-married life.

Just 2 acres.

I know, you’re wondering now: what makes me qualified to help you live your homesteading/homemaking dream?

The idea of farming and raising my own food is not new to me.

My daddy is a (now retired) Agriculture Education Teacher and he’s taught me about farming my whole life.

So over the years on those 2 acres, I have: raised chickens, tended a garden, helped Mom and Mamaw with the canning, raised 15 50ft rows of strawberries, grew my own prize-winning pumpkins, and ran my own greenhouse where I sold bedding plants, vegetables, and fruit trees to name a few things.

There are two things I want you to take from this:

  1. You do not have to have a lot of land to homestead
  2. You can learn everything you need to know

I had to learn to do all those things (and more now that I have a bigger farm) and I want to share with you what I’ve learned.

There’s just one more thing you should know about me. . .

I’m a Spoonie.

I suffer mainly from Lupus, Endometriosis, neuropathy and P.O.T.S. Sometimes its hard to take care of myself; much less my family, home, animals, and homestead.

But I do it.

I’m proof that you can homestead no matter what, so throw those doubts aside and join me.

I’ll share all my tips and tricks for keeping a home and farm running smoothly, along with my methods for doing these things while chronically ill.

If you ever need to reach out for any reason, don’t hesitate to email me at Sarah@Lifeonhalfmoonridge.com. I want you to succeed and I always answer all my emails.

That’s all for now but I hope to see you again soon!