Being frugal and decorating the home don’t always go hand in hand, but we all want our homes to be beautifully decorated, right? Pinterest is full of immaculate homes that make us want to change our own decor.

So we head to Hobby Lobby, TJ Max or HomeGoods and look at all the new trending decorations. And you could load your car with all the pretty things.

But that will likely blow your budget and set you back a pretty penny. So what’s a frugal gal to do?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a thousand dollars laying around to redecorate my whole house every whip-stitch, but I do have a few things that I always do when I’m looking for new décor. Today I want to share them with you!

And no I’m not going to tell you to DIY everything because:

#1: that’s not practical for everyone.

#2: You’ve heard that a million times already and I want to give you new, fresh information.

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6 Ways to be Frugal When Shopping for Home Decor. | Frugal Home Decorating
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Frugal vs. Cheap

Before we get into my wonderful tips lets talk about this word frugal for just a moment.

Frugal does not always mean cheap or at least not the cheapest.

Say I buy the cheapest end table I can find and it falls apart after 6 months. Then I have to replace it with one that doesn’t fall apart.

That’s not being frugal. I would have spent less money if I had just bought the better end table to start with.

So just keep this in mind when shopping for new pieces.

Now, on to the tips!

Frugal Tips for Decorating your Home.  Keep the large pieces neutral.
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1. Keep your large pieces neutral.

It’s a good idea to keep big things (like your couch) neutral so that you can pull off any color scheme or theme. Couches are expensive.

Stick with colors like gray, brown, navy, and beige to get a couch that looks good with any decor you desire.

White is not a super frugal choice, because it will show dirt and stains so bad. Also, try to stick with materials that will wear well and hold up for many years.

Now, am I saying you shouldn’t have accent pieces with other colors and patterns?

No! Of course, you should have color and pattern in your home, just maybe stick to throw pillows, blankets, and accent chairs. They’re easier and less expensive to replace or re-cover when you decide you want something new.

And speaking of throw pillows. . .

Frugal Decorating Ideas | Use pillow covers instead of buying new pillows.
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2. Buy pillow covers instead of all new pillows.

Pillows are a great way to add that pop of color or interest to a room without throwing buckets of money into it.

They’re also a great way to decorate for different seasons.

But have you checked the price of one good pillow at TJ Maxx lately? Let’s not even talk about prices at Home Goods or Kirkland’s.

That’s why I love pillow covers.

Pillow covers are cheap compared to pillows (and much easier to store.) So if you have 7 pillows that you want to change out from season to season, you’ll be much better off looking for pillow covers than all new pillows.

And if you don’t have good soft pillows and come across some you just can’t pass up, check for zippers.

Because if you can take those pretty spring pillows that feel fabulous and are on sale and change the covers out whenever you like, you have a good buy in my opinion.

3. Utilize Multi-Season Decor

Buy things that you will use again and again and can style for every season.

Lanterns, trays, baskets, and pitchers are all good examples of this. They can be used all year long through every season.

Have a basket you love? Put pumpkins in it in the fall! Maybe a plaid blanket too. Springtime? Fill it with your favorite flowers. Use it in different areas of your home to change things up.

I often rotate my lanterns, trays, and baskets during the year. It keeps your house looking fresh.

These are not the only four things that can be used in this way. Get creative and always be on the lookout for that piece that could be used in 100 different ways.

Buying vintage and used items to save money when buying home decor.
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4. Shop Vintage/Second-Hand

I absolutely love the vintage vibes that are back in style now.

But buying them from the store can get super expensive. Why not get the real thing?

If you don’t shop yard sales, thrift stores and estate sales you would be surprised at the gems you can snag for cheap.

For example, I love decorating with vintage books. At St. Vincent De Paul the books are $1 for hardback and 50 cents for paperbacks. I have gotten many a nice old hardback book there. I’ve also gotten several at estate sales on half-price days.

My favorite estate sale item is probably the beautiful old teal typewriter (above) that I gave like $10 for and it even works. There’s really no end to what you may find.

Side Note: Some of the cutest hardback covers come from old Readers Digest books. You can usually find them at thrift stores. Check out the seahorse one in the photo below.

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5. Paint

When shopping second-hand always look for inexpensive items that could be brought to life with a little paint.

While this is a bit of DIY painting can be as easy as opening a can of spray paint and taking a few swipes. Spray paint doesn’t work for everything but it will work for a lot.

Picture frames, pitchers, tables, figurines, and even books can be painted to match your home. Get creative with this one too.

6. Price Check

When buying something new always, always price check. My favorite place to price check when I’m out shopping is Amazon.

They generally have great prices. So if I find an item cheaper/as cheap as I find it on Amazon I’ll usually go ahead and buy it.

And those are my best tips for frugal home decorating/shopping for frugal home decor. I’m sure there are other things I failed to cover, but this is a good place for you to get started!

How do you stay frugal when decorating your home? Leave me a comment below!